Hungarian Keyboard

The standard Hungarian keyboard layout is based on the QWERTY layout with additional characters to accommodate the unique features of the Hungarian language. The layout commonly used in Hungary is the 101-key layout.

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This layout is optimized for typing in the Hungarian language and includes additional characters like "ő" and "ű," which are specific to Hungarian. The letter "y" is not used in native Hungarian words but can appear in loanwords or names.

If you are using a physical Hungarian keyboard, the keys should have Hungarian characters printed on them. If you're using a software-based layout on your computer, the virtual keyboard on the screen or the physical keys on your keyboard should correspond to the characters in the layout above.

When setting up your computer to type in Hungarian, you can usually choose the Hungarian keyboard layout in the operating system settings. On Windows and macOS, you can add the Hungarian language and keyboard layout in the control panel or system preferences. On Linux, you can configure the keyboard layout through system settings or configuration files.

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