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There isn't a universally standardized Kurdish keyboard layout, and the choice of a specific layout may depend on personal preference, the type of work you are doing, and regional variations. However, there are a few common Kurdish keyboard layouts used in different regions and contexts.

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1. Kurdish (Latin) Keyboard Layout:

  • Usage: The Kurdish (Latin) layout uses the Latin alphabet, similar to the English QWERTY layout.
  • Features:
    • It is commonly used for typing Kurdish in Latin script.
    • Latin characters are typed directly on the keys and share a similar placement with their English counterparts.
  • Typing Latin Characters:
    • Latin characters are typed directly on the keys.

2. Kurdish (Central Kurdish - Arabic Script) Keyboard Layout:

  • Usage: This layout is used for typing Central Kurdish (Sorani) using the Arabic script.
  • Features:
    • It is adapted for typing in the Arabic script, which is commonly used for Sorani Kurdish.
    • Arabic script characters are typed directly on the keys, and their placement follows the Arabic script.

Choosing the Right Layout:

  • For Latin Script: If you are primarily typing Kurdish in Latin script, the Kurdish (Latin) layout is recommended. It is more common in regions where the Latin script is preferred.
  • For Arabic Script: If you are typing Central Kurdish (Sorani) and using the Arabic script, the Kurdish (Central Kurdish - Arabic Script) layout is appropriate.

Switching Between Layouts:

  • On most operating systems, you can switch between different keyboard layouts easily through language settings. For instance:
    • On Windows: Alt + Shift allows you to toggle between installed keyboard layouts.
    • On macOS: Command + Space opens the input menu, where you can select different keyboard layouts.

Custom or Regional Variations:

Keep in mind that there may be custom or regional variations of Kurdish keyboard layouts, and users might adapt their keyboards based on personal preferences or specific linguistic needs. If you are part of a specific Kurdish community or organization, it might be useful to inquire about any locally adopted keyboard layouts.

Remember that these recommendations are general, and the specific details might vary depending on your operating system and any additional software you have installed.

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