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When it comes to the Arabic language, there is a big difference between the uniform, written version of the language (known as High Arabic, and similar to the Classical Arabic of the Qur’an) and what is actually spoken by the millions of people for whom the language is their form of daily communication. 

Each Arabic-speaking country has its own dialect and these can differ greatly – to the extent that speakers of the different dialects often have difficulties communicating with each other.

This is why having a standardised language is so important. It is studied and used in countries as far apart as Morocco and Iraq and makes it possible to produce English-to-Arabic translations that can be used in a wide range of jurisdictions despite the different dialects actually spoken in the various countries.

That said, it is essential that you engage a highly-competent Arabic translator who is able to properly interpret any nuances in the text and who has the necessary specialist knowledge to handle the subject matter. A premium-quality English ↔ Arabic translation from our globally-active translation agency allows for optimum communication and avoids any potential difficulties in understanding. 

You can rest assured that we will select the right translator for you from our extensive team of linguists and that full attention will be paid to quality assurance. Also, should you ever have any concerns at all about your translation or source text, we will only be too happy to assist you further.

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