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With its often emotional speakers, flowing pronunciation and wealth of phrases that are well-known to speakers of English, everybody recognises the beautiful French language. As well as being a major European language with over 80 million speakers, it is also used spoken in Canada as an official language and a whole host of other former colonies. 

At some stage therefore, it is highly likely that you will require a translation from French into English, or vice versa, and when this time comes you will need to be certain that the results will be professional, accurate and authentic.

Here at the Cengolio translation agency, we only work with native speaker, degree-educated linguists who have the necessary expertise, professional experience and specialist knowledge to produce the first-class translations we are proud to deliver to our clients. 

For us, it is irrelevant whether the text being translated is a formal contract, marketing materials or a work of literature – the same principle applies. The text needs to be handled by a translator who has the appropriate specialisation and background and their work needs to be proofread by an equally competent linguist.

You can rest assured that all of our translations pass through a rigorous quality assurance process, from the initial selection of an appropriately qualified translator, to the checking in line with the ‘four-eyes’ principle, and finally the processing of any queries either you or we might have. A French translation from the globally-active Cengolio translation agency is guaranteed to reflect the original text in just the way you would hope it to.

Our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry for an French translation.

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