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German Translation Services

Producing consistently good translations requires a high degree of professional collaboration between the translator, project manager, proof reader - and ultimately also the client.

We offer a wide range of German translation services, both into and out of English, and the subject matter we handle typically involves legal, medical and technical texts.

With English being so widely spoken, and with so many German speakers having an excellent command of the language, it is all too easy to assume that ‘anyone’ can produce a good translation and that engaging a professional translator is something of an excessive measure.

The reality could not be further removed from this idea.

The fact is that being able to speak and understand English does not automatically make a person capable of delivering good English to German translations, or vice versa.

Not only do professional translators have extensive experience and training – they also possess that all-important specialist knowledge.

Over the years, we have amassed a team comprising both experienced native speakers and graduate translators with extensive specialist knowledge in a wide range of subject areas. We are able to place this wealth of experience and expertise at your disposal, with a view to ensuring that your English or German text is always translated to the highest possible standard.

Our quality management system operates under the ‘four eyes’ principle. This means that every text is carefully checked and, if necessary, amended by a second professional translator. 

One other form of proofreading, which we of course also offer, is translation editing. This involves cross-checking the source and the target language versions of a text with the aim of further ensuring both consistency and accuracy.

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