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Closely related to Spanish, but strongly influenced by Arabic and other languages, Portuguese is spoken by around 250 million worldwide, both in Portugal itself and various ex-colonies – most notably Brazil with its population of over 213 million people. In fact, Portuguese, it is often stated to be the world’s 5th most spoken language.

Although European and Brazilian are entirely mutually intelligible – much like British and American English – there are significant differences in terms of both vocabulary and grammar, meaning that a professional translator of Portuguese needs to be well aware of the need to reflect these differences accurately in his or her work.

With Portuguese enjoying such widespread usage, it is highly that you will require a top-quality Portuguese translation service at some point. No matter whether you are looking to translate a text from Brazilian or European Portuguese into English, or vice versa, here at the Cengolio translation agency we are certain to have an appropriate linguist to handle your assignment.

Not only are all our translators carefully vetted and monitored, they are degree-educated native speakers with carefully selected areas of specialism, such as the law, medicine or commerce. To ensure the best possible results for our clients, we always assign the most suitably qualified translator to a task, both in terms of their specialisms and their linguistic background.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry for a premium-level Portuguese translation.

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