Vietnamese Keyboard

Typing in Vietnamese involves using a keyboard layout that is specifically designed for the Vietnamese alphabet, which is based on the Latin script with additional diacritical marks. The standard Vietnamese keyboard layout is known as Telex. Here's a guide on how to use a Vietnamese keyboard:

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Telex Vietnamese Keyboard Layout:

  1. Consonants:
    • The main consonants are typed in the same way as the English alphabet. For example, typing "b" gives you "b," "c" gives you "c," and so on.
  2. Diacritics (Accents):
    • Vietnamese uses diacritics to indicate tones and additional sounds. To type these, you typically add the diacritics after the base letter.
    • For example, to type "á," you would type "a" and then the apostrophe key ('), and for "đ," you would type "d" and then the letter "d."
  3. Vowels:
    • Vowels with diacritics are typed after the consonants. For example, "a" gives you "a," "â" is typed by pressing "a" and then the caret key (^), and "ă" is typed by pressing "a" and then the tilde key (~).
  4. Tone Marks:
    • Vietnamese is a tonal language, and tone marks are used to indicate the tone of a syllable. Tone marks are typically added to the vowels.
    • Tone marks can be typed using the keys on the top row of the keyboard.
  5. Switching Keyboard Layouts:
    • If you're using a computer with multiple keyboard layouts installed, you can switch between them using keyboard shortcuts. On Windows, it's usually "Alt + Shift," and on macOS, it's "Command + Space" or set through System Preferences.

Typing Software:

For typing in Vietnamese, you might find it helpful to use software or online tools that provide on-screen keyboards, especially if you're not familiar with the Telex layout. These tools often allow you to click on the characters to input them.

Remember that the instructions might vary slightly depending on your operating system and the specific Vietnamese keyboard layout you are using.


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